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Unquenchable Thirst for Peace

My body is restless

My tongue caked and aching with

an unquenchable thirst

for Peace.


Until  every voice is heard

until our homes and communities

are compassionate

and loving


Until our sisters  and brothers decide that

it is not about competition

but our hearts uniting and expressing

in collaboration


Only then

only then

will my tongue be satisfied

and my body at rest.


My heart continues to look for peace, and I will do all i can with word and deed to promote peace.  I truly believe this energy can radiate forward.

Namaste.   #poetsforpeace


Take Time Collaboration


poem & image copyright 2016 Marie Lukasik-Wallace

Here is some of our contributions so far.  If you feel inspired, add it to the comments, and I will add you in!  Hope you are living poetry and enjoying the New Year!


take time to be grateful
take time for smiling

Take time
to be of the earth,
let it nourish you
soak its sweetness in your bones

Take time
To be of the water
Let it drop on your tongue
And quench your insatiable thirst

Take time
To gather around the fire
Let family and friends
Warm your heart and soul

Take time
to fill your lungs
breathe in mindfulness
Let out peace

Take time
To just be…


Melting Impressions

When I pause
and take my time
to pay attention
to those things presented
to my mind
I find
as I grow older
left out more often
in moments colder
fewer stand by me
shoulder to shoulder.
As numbness creeps
from fingertips
it seems at times as though
I’ve lost my grip.
Once precious memories
begin to slip.
Heartfelt refrains
of Auld Lanng Syne
each passing year a spirit
a little more or less refined
reaching, reaching for that
touch of the Divine
Glancing back at footsteps
melting in the snow
impressions not indelible,
their value I do not know
and I would have someone tell me,
One who took the time
to know
before I go
Despite my flaws
that I tried
not to lead or follow,
but stand alongside
I would like to believe
I will be missed
when it’s my time
for my last sigh.

Take Time
To close your eyes
And listen
To a distant wind


These are my collaborators so far.    Feel free to come by any time.

Elizabeth at Tea and Paper;  Michael at Poetry Channel;  Marie at Writing Wings For You;  Equinoxio21





Well my friends, you’ve asked, and here it is.  Our next Poem Collaboration will be using the anaphora:   I REMEMBER

What I love about this open ended topic is that we can write endlessly from any point of our lives.  I can write a stream of consciousness without stopping, any memory that comes to me or focus on a specific age.   No rules!       Add your lines in the comments, and I will put them together to make a gorup poem.  No deadline…write what makes your heart sing.   Did you have favorite toys?  Favorite activities as a child or a teen?  Do you have family memories you’d like to share about your parents, children or loved ones?  I can’t wait to hear them!




cofee-cuppa joe


Coffee the elixir that soothes the soul
from wretched heartache
or morning out of control

No syrupy sweetness to mask the bold
No fancy flavors for me to hold
Just give me dark roastness
flavor can’t be beat
no icky bitter French
or taste of stinky feet

I’ll take a dash of cream
To rich the richness
Of aroma dreams

But more than this
I would gather up
a friend or two
to share a cup


In response to More Cream in my Coffee over at Poetry Channel.

and If You and I Were Having Coffee with Writing Wings for you.


***The above photo is from an art piece from my textile workshop.  What I love about it is that it’s PERFECT in it’s IMPERFECTIONS just like me at Coffee Talk.


Collaboration – Joy

I wrote a post this morning  on How Simple it is to Choose Joy.  HERE

And then as I sat thinking about others who are celebrating different holidays and acts of joy this season, I thought, I would love to know WHAT IS YOUR JOY?

Please let me know.  I’d love to celebrate you…your families…your traditions…your happiness.  If you want to write your comment as a poem, then do!  You know me, I LOVE WORDS!

I will keep the post open until the New Year.  (I’ll do a new collaboration then.)   Each of you will get your very own color and a link back to your blog.

I can hardly wait to read them!  Your comments combined will make a lovely poem.

MY JOY is…

Have a most lovely week my dear friends.

Namaste, Mariejoy



What a beautiful treasure trunk of memories created here.  Please feel free to add your memories to the comment section.  Our memories are too precious to forget!  Our latest contributions has pictures!  Don’t forget to click the links back to the poets.  They have AMAZING blogs for voracious reading!

I remember strapping on metal roller skates and racing down the driveway.
I remember Big Red and Pop Rocks and chicken bone candy and Now or Laters being the big rage.
I remember Firemen picnics mixing all the flavors into a horrid concoction but loving it anyway because we seldom got to drink soda and we’d get sick.
I remember driving “go-carts” my daddy made in the store parking lots because stores were closed on Sundays.
I remember….

Hands held over the years,
Sometimes the distance stretched. . .
Other times, the ties held strong.
His strength carried her through,
Her conscience flowed through his mind.
I remember when I was a child~
How looking at their hands held tight,
Gave me hope, warmth and courage.
(To become the woman I am today.)

I remember our stickball streets,
shooting marbles, double-dutch feats..
Old truck tires that became swings,
playground races on monkey rings.

Water balloons we threw for fun,
on warm summer days in the sun.
Lemonade stands, penny candy,
Bazooka gum, always handy.

Raking leaves up into a pile,
to dive headlong as we all smiled.
Climbing into colorful trees,
an iron-n patch on my jean’s knees.

Blizzard snows that closed all the schools,
eating icicles, the eaves jewels.
Out all day until toes were numb,
sipping pretend Hot Buttered Rum.

I recall all seasons of life,
loves and losses, darkness and light.
Investments in who I’ve become,
reminders of life’s battles won.

I remember each song like it was a day,
Music to fit the moments
Happy or bittersweet
And they way the earth smelled with each thought
Of those days.
I remember I stood behind the house,
Summer smells filling my nose,
Warm summer air beating down on me,
In the distance the fire sirens calling
Lunch time, lunch time.
Skies so blue going on forever,
The sounds of cicadas covered the air with their droning lullaby
Fighting it with the sirens,
I was alone and six,
I looked back to see you smiling at me
As you stood watching in the kitchen window.
You came out shortly after,
Holding out your hand as if to say come
Let’s go together
Walking through grasses high
I remember that day
For it was the day
The earth sang to us
And I’ve not known a day of such perfection
I remember and smile.

Walking down the memory lane

Heard a knock at the past life gate

From a bouquet of memories I have to pick one

There were testing times, life was never only fun

Met with challenges, overcame, shone bright as sun

Sleeting to be broken, dig deeper to find disturbing ones

Let those buried there, I will only talk about the happy ones


Well, here comes the most memorable moment of my life

A moment of pride, the ultimate bliss of wife

When my eldest son arrived in the world

So accomplished, blessed, complete I felt

Excitement at peak, wishes were being pelt

All my worries, anxiety and the pain melt


Oh, It was  25th Dec. holy  Christmas day,

A chubby, cute JESUS was born, healthy and gay

Doctors, nurses, patients, care takers

Along with relatives, friends and sisters

All came one by one to bless the newly born

“Little JESUS has arrived on Christmas !” they said

Celebrations started bang on !



My husband was thrilled, looked never so happy

trying to hold, touch and feel his precious baby

My mom in law glowing, talking and sharing her observations

Nose like mother, lips like father, while she checked body formations

My parents dancing, distributing sweets, mailing friends out of station

Lying on the bed relaxed, silently I watched them

Jubilant as well as cautious, I held my little gem

Tears rolled down from my eyes, on the cheeks

I was a mother now, a responsible person to speak

Yes ! It is a blessing from God, to give birth to a life

I remember the journey of being a mother from a wife

So good,  full of love, so rewarding and  away from strife.

Writing Wings For you – MeReocochran Witless Dating After Fifty The Poetry Channel – Michael,  Peace, Love and Patchouli (Infinite Zip) – KimSoul n Spirit

Writing Wings For You


Well my friends, you’ve asked, and here it is.  Our next Poem Collaboration will be:   I REMEMBER

What I love about this open ended topic is that we can write endlessly from any point of our lives.  I can write a stream of consciousness without stopping, any memory that comes to me or focus on a specific age.   No rules!

So here’s how to participate:.   Just as before, you can add your contribution in the comment section of this poem,  & I will place them in the order they come as soon as I possibly can. I will put your name (contributor)  at the end of the piece in the same color as your contribution and the names will be in the same order as well.   In a week, I will post the collaboration as a whole.  (But we can always keep adding on!)  Happy writing! ~ Marie

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Let’s Get to Know YOU!



Kate copied this from another blogger, ISuzie .  It was such a great way to get to know the people I am surrounding myself with in this virtual world.  Besides, it was intriguing to answer and Kate encouraged me. 

Here’s Kate’s brilliant words to guide you on this question journey:

“Today I’ll go easy with 10 questions, but as the weeks go by and my interest is piqued, I’ll be sure to ask some more.  All I ask is that you try…  I want to establish friendships, compare notes, have someone I can talk to when I’m feeling down, or bouncing off the walls with good news to share.  The more we all know about each other, the better the lines of communication will be.  Right?  So, here are my questions.  If you don’t feel comfortable with one or two, simply skip them.  But please try.  And please leave your answers in my reply box, as I haven’t yet mastered ping backs.  Thanks so much!  And I look forward to getting to know you all a little better.”



1.  How long have you been blogging and what possessed you to start?  I have been blogging for about ten years.  I’ve always loved writing, and I was learning I was wading through the process of learning how to do collage.  The community was overwhelming.  I stopped for about two years because things got really busy.  Then I wanted to rebuild a new community around reading and writing and learning about others because it feeds my spirit.

2.  What do you like to blog about?   Anything I am inspired about.  Soulful things, things that are interesting or catch my eye.   I LIVE poetry in all it’s beautiful forms, art, photography, writing, a leaf.

3.  What types of bloggers do you follow?   Mostly I follow poets because I am inspired at their observations.  I enjoy lots of writing and photography as well…and sometimes those food ones catch my eye.

4.  What country are you from.  If from the US, what state?  I am from Idaho in the good ole USA.  (raised in Texas though)

5.  Have you ever been published?  Yes, a book of poetry and soon a small book of short stories along with a community of writers. 

6.  Are you a writer or a photographer?  Mostly a writer, but I dabble I photography.

7. Tell me one thing (or several) that makes you unique.  I look for the “gold in the soul” of people and I live and breath creative outlets…as above, it feeds my soul.

8.  Name one positive attribute you have that helps in making this world a better place. I teach writing to heal.

9.  Do you have any children?  If so, how many and what ages?  3 beautiful daughters all grown.

10.  What would you like to see more of on my blog?  Anything that makes your heart smile and skip a beat!

I also  copied this part from Kate because it’s so true for me as well.

“I am like a kid at Christmas right now and cannot wait to read your answers!!  I want to know these things about you all, and then some.  I have only been met with kindness on WordPress, and I like that.  I want to continue surrounding myself with positive people.  No Debby Downers allowed!!  Sure you’re entitled to have a bad day, and rant about it.  We’re only human.  But as my title says… if you can’t be kind, please be quiet.”      

And from me your responses will be held near and dear to my heart.   ~Nemaste Friends, Marie :0)

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Throwback Thursday – A Poem with a Taste Challenge

Let’s try this again! I think this would be super awesome to read your poetry and see your culinary talents…or at least through a family recipe in. We poets are usually creative in more than one area.

Writing Wings For You


Okay my friends…I was inspired by a poem I read yesterday that involved the tastes of a place.   And food brings about joyous memories with friends and families and those special people we love.  So, here’s my challenge:

Write a poem about the tastes of YOUR place…and then maybe include one of your favorite recipes…it can be from that place your wrote about, or one of your favorite recipes…I think it would be really cool to gather recipes of places from around the world….Then I can wake up and say things like, I’d like to travel to Austrailia today or Georgia, and pull a recipe out and be reminded of you!   Besides, my recipe box needs new tastes!   ENJOY!

Though I live in Idaho now…my strongest memories of taste are from Texas…

So, here’s my poem:

Random thoughts on the Flavors of Texas

I’ll tell you a

half dozen things about

the flavors…

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We Need Poets! – “I BECOME” – Our latest Collaboration


I Become a Harmonious Rhyme with the world around and within through Quiet, Calm, Peaceful Moments:

























Typing words with my fingers on the keyboard of my laptop, I become Writer.

Making music with my fingers on the keyboard of my piano, I become Musician.

Darning my husband’s socks and preparing his supper, I become Wife.

Listening to my children and giving them advice, I become Mother.

Feeding my dog and taking her for a walk, I become Mistress.

Saying hello to the people next door and watching for strangers, I become Neighbor.

Being concerned for the poor and oppressed, I become Citizen of the World.

Doing all these things, I am simply just . . .  ME.


I live in a moment” live it well

engrossed, commited,pride to swell

I become what is to be expected

living this very moment, not regretted 

  I become a daughter to grow, to be pampered

 My in-laws know me as a home maker

I display my cookery skills for a sumptous dinner

Being a mother I donn all the hats possible

a nanny, friend, teacher and councellor,

at times hard task master but most of the times protector

 I am a sister to share, laugh till I roll down

 argue till I collapse, paint the town

    Time to move, I become ” Movers and Packers “

Living out of boxes, posted to exotic places

Hey ! I become traveller during vacations

A explorer reaching out to untouched locations

I am a Photographer seeking for perfection

 As soon as I enter the campus, an updated educator

a friend,guide, philospher to young custodians forever

I become a wife to greet my man in the evening

flashing million dollar smile ,fresh and glowing  

 Living this very moment totally enchanted

I scribble like a writer to bond with this world

I become a spirited soul when close to GOD


What actions do you do to become part of your world?

I wake up

I become reborn

I wake up my daughter

I become thankful

I see her off to school

I become wistful

I share a cup of tea

I become happy

I get ready for work

I become organised

I start work

i become me

I get back home

I become “she”

A wife ,a mother

I make dinner

I become a chef

I get dressed to go out

I become a lady

The phone rings

I become alert

I step back

I become a doctor

I get back tired but

I become elated

I look in the mirror

I become a stranger

I get to bed

I become a child

I sleep

I become me

I dream

I become free

Poets, we need you.   SJ has become our latest contributor with a picture prompt to start us off.   What great movement in the poem and showing of how she becomes each thing, earth, air, and yes, most importantly human.

(YOU CAN FOLLOW SJ ON TWITTER:  @for_hearts_sake – she doesn’t have a blog yet.   Her Twitter page is beautiful.)

What actions do you do to become part of your world?

I’m especially curious how you are human.

So here’s how to participate:.  Just as before, you can add your contribution in the comment section of this poem,  & I will place them in the order they come as soon as I possibly can. I will put your name (contributor)  at the end of the piece in the same color as your contribution and the names will be in the same order as well.   In a week, I will post the collaboration as a whole.  (But we can always keep adding on!)  Happy writing! ~ Marie

Other Contributors:  Morgan – Book n Volume, Cindy- Slices of Life, SoulnSpirit


If We Were Having Coffee

coffee cup

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have enjoyed every minute I’ve spent with you learning about your world, no matter where it may be.  Showing me what you see through your eyes and experiencing life through your lens is inspiring and curious to me.  Seeing your pictures of flowers and nature and people engaged in life nurtures my soul  Thank you for being you and being your contribution.  And then I’d ask, what will you do today to LIVE OUT LOUD?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I loved the movie “Begin Again.” And though I don’t care for senseless use of certain words, the story was full of poetic moments like the romantic relationship & even the breaking up and hardships because it was the human experience in all its glory..and it is romantic, and the music adds an element of magic because it is weaved so well into the story.  My husband, who isn’t usually a fan of music in movies or musicals, really liked the movie.  (Not just a little bit)  AND, he wanted to buy the soundtrack because Kiera Knightly did such a good job.  I think that’s another reason I like the movie because Kiera Knightly and Adam Levine both pursued other passions in their lives not knowing exactly how the world would accept their attempts…they just went for it.  Kiera’s voice is amazing, and the lilt is calming and dreamy.   If you don’t want to see the movie, you might like the soundtrack a lot. Spotify lets you get just the songs you want. :0)


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that though I have to go back to school in two weeks, and I will miss my summer terribly, for I do love my sunshine and my time to create and to just be. But that I’m always excited for new little discoveries with a new group of kids.  It never ceases to amaze me what beauty I will find and the delight in observing their curiosities and inquisitiveness.  (I wasn’t really sure that was a word but I didn’t get redlined.) And I would say that I am truly blessed to have this job.  AND it’s also a blessing to know such AMAZING teachers and collaborate with them.

If we were having coffee, I might ask you what books you’ve read lately.  I’ve read more this summer than usual, but the book I enjoyed the most was “The Light Between Two Oceans” because the characters were so well developed and I was engaged with them to the end.  It really mattered to me what happened to those characters. (Now, that’s a GREAT book!) Bonus:  I got to learn about lighthouses.

If we were having coffee, I would say that it’s really, really cool that I now get to add a coffee talk tab to my categories because I LOVE coffee and friends!

I got this idea from Suzie’s blog who got it from Nerd in the Brain‘s blog, who in turn saw it on the equally fabulous Part Time Monster‘s blog, who found it somewhere else.  As Suzie said so well, the blogging community inspires me!


Have a most blessed day,

Until we chat again, Marie


Have a most blessed day.