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Rockabye – Poets for Peace

Rockabye baby

When the wind blows

It brings messages of hate

Don’t listen my baby; don’t listen
Rockabye baby

When the wind blows

it touches with dark shadows

Don’t touch my baby; don’t touch

Rockabye baby
When the wind blows

It brings the taste of innocent blood spilled

Don’t taste my baby; don’t taste

Rockabye baby
When the wind blows

It brings the sight of

Flags waving at half mast

Acknowledge, but don’t linger your gaze my baby; don’t linger.
Please don’t hold on to any of these messages

Because the real world isn’t really all this negativity and darkness.

The real world, my baby, is so much more

Than the feedback from the news or the people enamored with it.
When the bough breaks

It is you my baby who will make

The difference

It is you who can change it.
Bring your sweetness

Bring your joy

Bring your positivity

And radiate your messages
Of love and hope

Out into the world.

Be you my baby

Be you


As a mom and a new grandmother, peace is heavy on my mind.  I KNOW words matter, and how we respond to negativity matters.   I choose peace.

Neha at Forgotten Meadows  and Michael at The Poetry Channel  have put together a Poets for Peace project collaborating poets around the world.  Please add you voice!


There is peace in trees

There is peace in trees. What powerful energy trees have. Robin has nailed it’s beauty.



Under a tree,
Pine needles

Soft branches,
touching both
sky and you.

you to
tree to


photo by reocochran,
poetic thoughts
by robin.

However you believe, doesn’t matter to

me, as long as there have been trees to

treasure, lie under, read and write about.

This gives me Peace.

I was given a challenge:
in 3 days.

Should you accept

in my place,

better you than me.
🙂 🙂 🙂

My friend, Kirt, is an artist of superb
quality and also, a photographer.

What I like most is he is able
to openly share his faith,
incorporating Bible
verses,along with
his own original


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My Brother’s Keeper

Yes, we are keepers.

The Poetry Channel

​The goddess spoke,
her voice the wind.
The trees bowed in awe.
They shook their branches
the leaves clapping
their applause.
Trembling trunks
as they dug their
roots in deeper.
Mother Earth shook
with a tremendous sound
asking the goddess
Am I my brother’s keeper?”
The goddess shook her head,
the waters washed up wildly
from shore to shore.
Rivers revealing
ravenous mouths,
lakes lapping lustily
at their banks,
and the ocean ostentatiously
ascended mountainous heights
as a tumult of cacophonous creatures,
climbed into the air and soared.
The mountains mumbled
in stony disapproval
as the clouds shed tears
of both sorrow and joy.
Denizens of the sea rose
from the depths,
the waves teeming
with breaches and splash,
and noise.
“Am I my brother’s keeper?”
Echoed into the sky, into space.
The moon and sun smiled
down onto Mother Earth,
and kept quiet in their…

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Thoughts about Dallas

Very thought provoking questions…

Anita Rodgers "Writer Chick" Blog


  • We have to stop killing each other.
  • We have to stop believing that killing each other solves anything.
  • We have to realize that anger unfocused only makes things worse.
  • Are things any better because these husbands, fathers and war veterans are now dead?
  • If you find these deaths cause to celebrate, what does that say about you?
  • How does protesting an unjust death by committing an unjust murder make things right?
  • Is this some kind of competition, where the only goal is the even the score?
  • Whose wounds are now healed because of this?
  • When did we stop valuing all lives?
  • How did we get to this place?
  • How do we get out of this place?

If you want to read about the fallen officers you can here and here.

Or share your story via Twitter #bluestories

Please pray for the police officers and their families and everyone impacted…

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Who am I?

Love this poem started with a great question… And stunning answers. We are all these things and more. Thanks for sharing!


Shadow of Peace

I love this poem the best for our #poetsforpeace project. Come join us.
Imagine if we all did this for each other…climb on shoulders and cast a shadow for peace…

The Poetry Channel

​We were born into fire,
into a world of flames.
Where like a Tower of Babel,
we appeared to be different
although we were the same.

Our skin chars and cracks,
it blisters and peels.
Because of indifference
our futures are sealed.

The heat is rising quickly
I gasp when I breathe.
Singeing lips and nostrils,
with no way to leave.

In the depths of this crucible,
sunshine is just more heat.
I want to hide in the shadows,
I just want to retreat.

But you thirst for the sun,
tell me the light is good,
and with a petulant smile,
guide me out of the woods.

I look over the horizon
but can’t see past today.
So then you fill me with hope
with the things that you say.

Your words lift me up,
then I pull you up after.
Together we run away,
into love, into laughter.


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O’er the Lands ~ #PoetsforPeace

What a wonderful contribution for #poetsforpeace.
I hope you will consider adding your voice to our collaboration.

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

This is my contribution to the wonderful collaboration of poets around the globe, the brainchild of Michael from The Poetry Channel, and hosted by our dear Neha of Forgotten Meadows.  Please consider adding to this beautiful piece of work by clicking HERE and posting your poem in the comments. 🙂

It takes only a moment, to be kind

When human hearts, seek to find

The warmth of a smile, a cheerful face

Love and happiness, without a trace

Of hopelessness or mere despair

We, as one, must show we care

By lending hands to those who need

And stopping those who intercede

As brothers and sisters, together we stand

And Peace must reign o’er the lands

Poem & Photo ©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved

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