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A bit of feel-good in a tear-down world

Amen Russ.

Two on a Rant


Forget the labels,

ignore the failures who tear down your work hoping you will fail, too.

 This can be said for any artistic endeavor.

When the square pegs that try to stuff you into their hole tell you the many reasons why you’ll never be a best-selling writer/composer/artist, smile and say, “I (write/compose/paint) for the love of it, and that’s enough for me.”  

It’s hard to refute happiness just for the fun of it.   🙂

Who knows what the future holds…

  • Shakespeare almost ended up in obscurity until he received some post-mortem help from a few friends.
  • Debussy was threatened with expulsion from his school of music for his compositions.  He was the wild-child of his time.
  • Vincent Van Gogh didn’t become famous until after his death.  Today, his paintings are worth millions.

People who were never considered artistic geniuses in their lifetimes can end up to be…

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You Kiss Me (Revised)

My friend Michael at Poetry Channel wrote a poem which brought a visceral response in me. This is my response to it:

You kiss me with your words
Of appreciation, not only for my sex
But for my inner beauty
Thank you for shedding my earthly garments
Of worry, doubts and fear
Toucning my soul with your soul
Standing in your brilliance and majesty
You mirror my soul

HIS POEM IS BELOW. Do you have a poetry response?

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Final 10 days left to contribute to #PoetsForPeace Collaboration!

Over 200 Poets for Peace contributors!

Will you join us?


Hello Everyone,

We are so happy with how far we have come with this collaboration. Not only did we surpass our expectations with our lovely community (we have close to 200 contributions!), we are getting published with the help of our friend Laura! To see more details on publications please click here.

We wanted to remind everyone that this is the final stretch… if you still want to contribute, please do so by clicking here #PoetsForPeace, and adding your piece in the comment section. Please also mail your permission to be published to Michael at mzanemcclellan@outlook.com when you post your piece. 

The collaboration will close on August 31, 2016, so join us today! Multiple contributions are welcome! Please remember to add your piece in the original collaboration post listed above. 

Please help us share this message through social media and reblogs using the #PoetsForPeace hashtag.


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Attention #PoetsForPeace Contributors: We are getting published & will need your help!

From Neha at Forgotten Meadows.



Hello Everyone, This is for all present and future contributors for our collaboration #PoetsForPeace. Michael and I  are so excited to let you know that our friend and fellow blogger Laura M. Kamin…

Source: Attention #PoetsForPeace Contributors: We are getting published & will need your help!





I’d love to know…
Where do Bread Crumbs lead you?

My friend Michael left me this simple word last year, and it led me to this poem about my Daddy…and now he reminds me again. So…tell me…

Writing Wings For You

You left me breadcrumbs

to figure out your life

put togethery our sorrows

make sense of your strife

never knew why door was to stay closed

and locked up so tight

you barely arose

and now you’re on the other side

We are left here wondering

filled with mystery

digging for knowledge of you

knowing no history

couldn’t you have stopped a moment to provide

a trail of crumbs on this side

Wish there was a way to lift the veil

It seems I knock and knock,

but to no avail.

Poets inspire each other.  Sometimes it’s a poem…sometimes it’s a phrase…and sometimes it’s a word  like breadcrumbs.  Curiosity gets me to write.   Where do “breadcrumbs” lead you”.   Thanks to Poetry Channel for the inspiration.

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#PoetsForPeace – OVER 150 Contributions by Poets Around the World! Thank you!

We are over 150 plus – POETS FOR PEACE!

Tell your friends, even those you think may not write poetry.  I have two artist friends who wrote poems for this collaboration and were quite pleased with their contribution.  Honestly, it sends such positive energy out into the world!


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Source: #PoetsForPeace – 140 Contributions by Poets Around the World! Thank you!

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Attention #PoetsForPeace Contributors: We are getting published & will need your help!

Hello all! What a great gift for the world.
We have been offered to get published on Praxis Magazine On-line!


Hello Everyone,

This is for all present and future contributors for our collaboration #PoetsForPeace. Michael and I  are so excited to let you know that our friend and fellow blogger Laura M. Kaminski has graciously offered to help us get published in Praxis Magazine Online! Laura herself is an amazing writer and a published poet… I encourage you to check out her blog if you haven’t already done so.

In order to get published we will need  permission from our contributors who would like their piece published with this collaboration. One or all of these fields will need to be included: URL, Name, Location Contributor is writing from. “The standard Praxis copyright page at the beginning will show that copyright for contributed lines is retained by the individual contributors”.- Laura

Michael from the Poetry  Channel, will be contacting individual contributors with details soon; however, we wanted to make sure we…

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Poets for Peace Collaborative Poem – A Call to Action – “FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE SOCIALISTS…”

A great call to action.
WORDS matter!
Poets for Peace