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Sacred Sunday

20140816_161244_resized - Copy (2)

20140816_161710_resized_1 - Copy (2)


I have been blessed so much this week.  My heart is full of gratitude.

#3   We got to raft the river and feel peace and calm and I heard my daughters giggling together and we “played” with each other Oar battles and water battles and just great company.  I remember what it’s like to feel that peace of the river where nothings exists but the here and the now.  Being present is the only thing you can do.   I get to do that more often.

#2  I have a husband who loves me and honors me.  He knows this week is a busy week for me.  He just says, “go ahead and take care of what you need to take care.  You and me are good.  I’ll be here when you get back.”  (Because when I go into school mode I’m in another dimension.

#1  And the best part is that after 8 months, I finally get to see my Kendra girl.  Alabama is too far away sometimes.  It’s hard for a mama because I went from seeing her everyday to seeing her a couple of times a year.    But when she’s here, I get to love love love upon her and it feels yummy.

I have a collaboration post for this afternoon from another wonderful blogger, so stay tuned….but after that, I might be off the grid for awhile.  The first two weeks of school are pretty busy.  Wish me luck!  ~Love ya, Marie

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Tranquil Tuesdays

SAM_0137 IMG_8092 SAM_0096

For my buddy Rhonda.  Some Mountains of Idaho.

And a really cool deer.  You inspire me.  Check

out her thoughtful blog.  ~  Marie


Texture Tuesdays

texture tuesday - spider web debris

The camera didn’t quite capture the angle on this

but the pine needles had fallen into the spider web

and made a very cool pattern in the web.

T texture tuesday spider 2

I loved how the water beaded on this web.

texture tuesday water

The texture of the water as the kids are running

through this…Plus, isn’t it just a fun picture?

I must write a poem about this delight!

(downtown Boise)

texture tuesdays more water

The texture of the rocks in the bottom

of the pool and the water shooting up.

(It’s in Meridian at the Village.)

It seemed this week I have a lot of different water shots.  Boise is blessed with many little pools to observe and play in.  :0)    Those are my blessings for today.

And if you’d love more TEXTURE TUESDAY adventures, , be sure to pop on over and see what Narami and other TEXTURE COLLECTORS ARE FINDING!  (What a most beautiful world we are uncovering.)  


Wordless Wednesday – Because the Pictures Say it All



20140728_104859_resized_2 (2)

So, I’m cheating on Wordless Wednesday

because aren’t these little piggies the cutest?


** These pictures were taken on the Boise Green Belt while on a walk with a friend.   Awe inspiring.  Other adventures are HERE.





I am a Pluviophile


Sometimes we find new ways of defining ourselves.   Today, I discovered that my daughters and I are:

PLUVIOPHILES!  (which upon first impression sounds awful, right?)   –

Here’s what the Urban Dictionary says:

(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

My brother is a real pluviophile; the Seattle climate will suit him well.
You should share you Pluviophilic pictures with me.  Anyone dancing in the rain deserves to be posted out loud.   I like the part where it defines us as having “joy.”  My favorite word.
Have a most awesome day!  ~Nemaste, Marie


Wordless Wednesdays – Because the Pictures Say it all! (I’m blessed)

sunflowers up close

Bulbous Sunflowers

spider web in grass

Spidey visit in my grass   


A most beautiful fountain in Meridian


With perseverance, this too shall pass.

I am blessed…and yes, I remember.    :0)


I Live Poetry – Change of Perspective

20140722_130922_resized (2) 20140722_131219_resized  20140722_131303_resized

20140722_131010_resized 20140722_131036_resized


Changing my perspective

By looking through  my windows

in a 5 in frame?

I can choose to focus on the distortion

Or the texture

Or the randomness

Or the order of lines

or the scarcity

Or the lush greenness all around 

Choosing to see beauty in a land

Of chaos

Whether it’s inside or outside

My viewpoint and my attitude

is always a choice.

***This was a combination of challenges…whipped up some artistry here.   The top photograph was for Texture Tuesdays  w/Narami ( I love the shadows & light you can see).   You should try it out.  It’s fun looking for different textures. The other photographs were from Cee’s Lookin’ Through Windows.   Then I added my own poetic twist for  I LIVE POETRY. 

 As always, tell me how you LIVE POETRY!

Nemaste, Marie  :0)

#Ilivepoetry  #livepoetry



Friday Flowers

My family has been teasing me because I’ve had such an obsession with flowers in the last few months.  I stop everywhere to take pictures!  I like taking lots of different angles.  These are just a few of my favorites from this week. (The Iris was a late bloomer.)  There are so many more pics I will have to share next Friday.  They bring so much beauty into our lives!     (For you Amy Rose – fellow flower freak…hee hee)

2014-05-25 08.45.50     20140716_164427_resized  20140707_112356_resized

2014-05-24 17.20.01



To Live Poetry – this week

marigolds spider web dew drops

To Live Poetry


Colors of blue, purple, green

And colors in between

Cerulean, Magenta, Seafoam

orange flower bursts

jeweled drops

on spider webs


To taste

Sweet creaminess of icecream

Spicy salsa chili

Contrast them

on my tongue



Drumbeats that start from

My heart and radiate

To my fingertips

Lilting music of your poetry



The pointiness of grass

Grooves in newly carved wood

A lover’s lips

On mine



Delicate flowers

New babies

The fragrance

Of ones I love.


These are just a few

Ways I’ve lived

Poetry this week.





Texture Tuesdays FUN!

texture        texture on a metal framed mirrortexas

I LOVE texture!  I’m a curious girl who is a kinesthetic learner. I like to touch everything!!!…consequently I also like to make everything a musical instrument because I feel rhythm all over.

This week my daughter took me with her to a business conference.  While she worked, I got to check out the hotel.  There were some great textures!  The first one is of some posts that framed an entrance to a restaurant.  They were in the shape of a vase and made of wood…it was carved!  And the second was a mirror that was framed in metal.  Very cool mirror.

And the last one is something my dad made for me for my 25th birthday to remind me of all the people who loved me in Texas.

Explore your world in new ways.  What do you find?

Check out Narami’s blog out at:


for more Texture Tuesdays!


ENJOY!!! Marie