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Fill Your Paper



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Words are powerful and hold the keys to bring healing, play and joy, making life extrordinary. Words can also shift the world into a better place. I am a writer; a storyteller and a relatioship coach; buidling better relationships from the inside out so we can have more joy, communication and love in our lives. Let's explore! Let's create! . ~ Love, Marie Lukasik Wallace

13 thoughts on “Fill Your Paper

  1. Hi Marie, what a beautiful way to start my day, with these flowers filling my eyes 🙂 I’ve just had another thought too :0 would you be interested in joining a once-a-month recently new collaboration all about the different aspects of art? It’s done by khana here – http://khanasweb.com/2014/07/06/artzine-what-is-art-anyway-2/ I would love it if you joined as you do so much to help and encourage others, and truly understand the value of art in all it’s forms in our lives, especially in healing us 🙂


    • That sounds awesome Wren! We get to do another I LIVE POETRY soon. I miss that post because it’s the one I’m most passionate about.
      I finished the World poem. Oh my, didn’t everyone give so very much? I am truly blessed.
      And thank you so much for the kind words about my flowers. I really love them. My family teases me about how many pictures I take.

      You are a blessing Wren. Friday night our little theatre put on Footloose, and I smiled because I had forgotten the main character’s name was Wren.
      You are AWESOME! Have a most blessed Sunday. ~Nemaste, Marie :0)


      • Nemaste Marie 🙂 Wolrd poetry was fantastic I love everyones contribution, and especially how everyone joined in 🙂

        You could bring up the poems we’ve already done for ‘I Live Poetry’ and do it as another collaboration, I’m sure everyone would love to join in that one too, and come up with more beautiful words for it.

        As well as doing one for soulmates; mine’s just waiting to join lol.

        I love taking pics of flowers too; I think they are beautiful soulfood. And I really love Footloose, it’s such a joyous film, always makes me happy and I like to sing along; there’s no need to ask if you had a good time, because with Footloose you must have had a fab time; do you have a video clip you could share with us all?


      • Wren, I really wanted to film it and take pictures, but it is a small town theatre, and they didn’t allow photography. I had some sweet pictures of a children’s program they did before it started. Cute. The choreography was done by a young woman…amazing for someone so young. They added lots of fun different songs…the characters really brought the message home.

        Almost done with the post for Soulmates…so glad you’re excited about it! (and will definitely do I LIVE POETRY again).
        About the Artzine…I could see how to post for this collaboration, but wasn’t sure how I would know about future collaborations? No email tag? Also, I started my very first blog about my attempts at art and joined a wonderful community…about ten years ago….it was so fun. You should email me because I have this idea you might like about collaboration for poetry. (You may not have time, and I totally understand.) Have a GRAND day!


      • Hi, you can just follow Khana’s blog then you will get all the posts in your reader 🙂 I think you will like Khana very much, she once lived in an art community. The next one is around the 6th, but you can also join in the two previous ones 🙂

        I will also do a new poem for I Live Poetry, to approach it from a different angle this time 🙂

        It’s easiest if you email me, I am looking forward to hearing your new ideas very much.

        You have good day too 🙂


      • I couldn’t find an email?
        If you’ll leave it for me here, I can come back to it.


      • lol if you go into your dashboard, all the emails of those who comment on your blog are beside each comment 😀

        I’m intrigued to know you new idea, is it a secret 😀


      • Why, of course, silly me…forgot that. I will probably have to email you later today…
        I’ve got some other writing to finish. It’s not really secret. It just takes some
        fleshing out. You have some great ideas, so I wanted to see your thoughts on it.
        :0) M


      • thankyou that’s kind of you, it will be a pleasure; please don’t feel rushed though 😀


  2. lol sorry I thought the theatre was done by a group of adults 🙂


    • The theater was done by adults…but it’s a smalltime theater.
      They started with a production by the kids from a drama camp with a skit put together with songs redone from Frozen…very cute. (That’s why we could take pics of the kids.) I imagine we couldn’t take adult pics because they probably get revenue from the production of a video. :0)


      • aah I see 🙂
        and sorry for the email where it looks huge lol I copied and pasted the poem and then tried to type over the top normal sized, and it wasn’t having any of it; proving once more I still have lots of techie stuff to learn 😀


  3. It was perfect. And I thank you. :0)


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