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Wordless Wednesday Suddenly Became Wordy

Oh, my dearest friends…I had the most awesome retreat with great pictures to share with you for Wordless Wednesday, AND the best TEXTURE pictures I’ve ever seen for Texture Tuesdays.  But, Alas, I thought I was deleting only one picture from my Galaxy phone, and it turned out to be a folder of pictures.  I am devastated.  We tried all kinds of recovery…they’re gone. And I’m sad. BOWL OF TEXTURE – There was a bowl of texture…no one noticed but me…but since I look for great stuff for my buddy Narami, I really noticed.  Spheres with seeds glued to them and a hardened artichoke and little tiny spiky nature balls…I mean I’ve never seen so much texture in a bowl.

I’m not sure why Samsung allows that to happen so easily.  I click a box, and instead of ridding myself of one picture, it’s a folder of pictures…there should be a bigger warning…or it should look like a folder…or a button that says ARE YOU REALLY REALLY SURE?  So I have nothing to share with you my most beautiful friends…maybe tomorrow.

However, I must get super busy because my daughter is coming home in the evening and I need to finish my classroom….Go Go Go!  Cheer me on.  Hugs and a great HUMP day to you.  Love, Marie

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Wordless Wednesdays – I Love My Country

These are just a few pics from Washington D.C. that I love.  (There are more…but these are my favorites.)

DSCN1799D.C. fountainwater2cemetaryABE- D.C.  My Buddy ABE.


Wordless Wednesday – Because the Pictures Say it All



20140728_104859_resized_2 (2)

So, I’m cheating on Wordless Wednesday

because aren’t these little piggies the cutest?


** These pictures were taken on the Boise Green Belt while on a walk with a friend.   Awe inspiring.  Other adventures are HERE.





Wordless Wednesdays – Because the Pictures Say it all! (I’m blessed)

sunflowers up close

Bulbous Sunflowers

spider web in grass

Spidey visit in my grass   


A most beautiful fountain in Meridian


With perseverance, this too shall pass.

I am blessed…and yes, I remember.    :0)


Wordless Wednesday – Because the Pictures say it All!

7-9-14 - wordless wednesday

Top 2 – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Bottom 2: Cascade Lake, Idaho


Wordless Wednesday because the picture says it all!




Wordless Wednesday – Because Sometimes Beauty IS the Words!