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30 Day Challenge

I am a writer, and I haven’t been writing except curriculum and proposals and not as much fun as my creative writing, so I’ve decided to give myself a 30 day challenge.   I might use prompts; I might use pictures; I might just be silly, but my goal is to do some creative writing, even if it’s a little bit.   I’m giving myself permission to write the worst Cr_ _…but at least I’m writing and getting my voice moving and working again.  I have some books to finish!

Today’s prompt is BUMBLE.   I am grateful to other sites who help a girl out.


She bumbled her way through her business

unsure and awkward

at most every move

she’d fall across the stage

displaying her awkwardness for all to see

But she had heart

and she had grit

and she knew the awkwardness

was only temporary

bumbleless is her motto now



One Billion Rising – World Parliament of Religions

In just a few days, I will dance with the organization called “Sheroes” to rise up against abuse of

girls and women of the world.  My purpose is aligned with the Sheroes mission: “The Purpose of SHEROES United is to come from the Heart. First, we embody our Core Values as “Super Role Models” in our families and communities and emulate the qualities of women who are an epic force for positive change. We are guides, teachers and mentors who walk our talk, each of us having already been on a powerful journey of healing and change.”

A few facts:

  • one million girls enter the sex trade each year
  • 4 million women and girls are trafficked annually
  • 1 in 3 women you love will be beaten or raped in their lifetime

There are sad, rising statistics, and we are the ones to “break the chain” of abuse.

Even positive prayers and emotions and rising above talk or music that  belittles or dehumanizes women is another way I can rise.  What can you do?

HERE’S the DANCE IF YOU WANT TO DANCE IT.  I believe in positive energy!

HERE’s The steps broken down!