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I Live Poetry in the Winter Wonderland

1560774_10152951004361037_7093722779285139669_n  White Christmas in Idaho

Snowflake lace

captured on my tongue

Snow blankets covering

the countryside with its loveliness

Sparkly jewels glittering with the sun

I can see why they call it

Winter “WONDER” land

because it creates magic

wherever it goes.

I live poetry in the Winter Wonderland.


Collaboration – Joy

I wrote a post this morning  on How Simple it is to Choose Joy.  HERE

And then as I sat thinking about others who are celebrating different holidays and acts of joy this season, I thought, I would love to know WHAT IS YOUR JOY?

Please let me know.  I’d love to celebrate you…your families…your traditions…your happiness.  If you want to write your comment as a poem, then do!  You know me, I LOVE WORDS!

I will keep the post open until the New Year.  (I’ll do a new collaboration then.)   Each of you will get your very own color and a link back to your blog.

I can hardly wait to read them!  Your comments combined will make a lovely poem.

MY JOY is…

Have a most lovely week my dear friends.

Namaste, Mariejoy


What I’ve Learned – How simple it is to CHOOSE JOY


On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in our first grade community circle, we choose one positive word for the day to be all day.  I do this because it used to be what we did in January as our New Year resolution. It was a simple thing for first graders to remember, one word versus a phrase.   Frankly, it’s easy for all of us to remember one word.   We do an art project with it wherein we tear little scrap papers and make rainbow letters on a 3×5 card.   Then, we hang it in our cubbies.   Like anything that remains in one place, sometimes it’s forgotten.

So last year, I implemented positive words for Tuesday because they were easy to remember how to be that word all day long.  Sometimes we write them on our desk.  Then Wednesday, we would have our Plus one day.  We would be our word for Tuesday and then another positive word for Wednesday.  (It’s always nice to have a goal to look forward to.)

What I learned, just holding the word “Joy” in my head all day, changes my thinking.  When I change my thinking, I change my energy level.  Holding this positive energy level allows those things that might otherwise change my day to roll off my back and not exist or change form.  I’m happier….the kids are happier.

We have a phrase posted in our room that says, “Be kind in all you say and do and acts of kindness follow you.”   And now we interchange that word.  Be respectful in all you say and do and acts of respect follow you.     Be JOY-FULL in all you say and do and acts of JOY follow you.

Try it out!   You will be surprised at the acts of joy that follow you.

Merry Christmas my dear friends or happiness and joy in whatever holiday season you may be celebrating, even if it’s the holiday of you.

Namaste,  Marie  :0)

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nice to finally have a name for my dancing style.

A dear blogging friend found this kind
of dancing. It’s a way to dance with
much soul joy! Thanks.

I didn't have my glasses on....


i believe i am qualified to teach a master class in this.

who’s in?

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The Messenger


The Messenger

Look out across

the massive field of

red bulbous tulips,

the same two foot tall structures

row after row.

And you,

lone tulip,

head held

one blossom

higher than

the others.


face tilted


soaking in

God’s secret messages,

and piping them

to the earth.


His messenger,

Remember this

When the sun

beats upon

your tiny shoulders

and you grow

weary of

it’s weight,

may you


the strength

to last

a little longer,

for the world needs your healing power.


Daddy – Please Re-Remember

daddy talking with hands

Maybe tomorrow

My daddy

You can somehow


How to form words

And you can tell

Me your stories again.


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December – It’s About Joy & a Humanity Challenge


I’m not usually much of a soap box person…but in this season of love and joy, I’m going to challenge you to push past the word “tolerance.”   It is a stage and a step…I get that.  But to tolerate me is to put up with me…it’s inactive.  It doesn’t require another person to take action…what would happen if you looked at me and accepted me faults and all…and a bit quirky…and then what if you could find something to appreciate about me?  And maybe after that, what if you could see in me what God sees in me and hit Namaste kind of love?

Just sayin’….what if?   If we all tried that even in our inner circles, wouldn’t the world be a little closer to peace?   Just something to ponder…