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A Poetry Collaboration Apology and a Goodbye


I set up a sweet wonderful poem for someone to start off our POETRY COLLABORATION for this week,  and I don’t have their information. I’m so sorry!   I thought I wrote it and put it in my notebook, but I can’t seem to find it.  If you can leave me a message in comments, I can get back to you. And set it up for this week.  Again, I apologize.

The goodbye is because I’m going to be underground until this weekend.  I might have to do several posts at once.  Usually the first week of school is really crazy.  Training first graders is a tough job because they only have about 70 days of kindergarten in a whole year, and sometimes that’s not enough time to get them prepared to lifelong learners.  Wish me luck and say lots of prayers for me.

Take care and have a GRAND week of Joy and tell me how you LIVED POETRY.  ~Namaste, Marie ;0)


Author: writingwingsforyou

Words are powerful and hold the keys to bring healing, play and joy, making life extrordinary. Words can also shift the world into a better place. I am a writer; a storyteller and a relatioship coach; buidling better relationships from the inside out so we can have more joy, communication and love in our lives. Let's explore! Let's create! . ~ Love, Marie Lukasik Wallace

6 thoughts on “A Poetry Collaboration Apology and a Goodbye

  1. Have a beautiful week. 🙂


  2. See you soon….take care


  3. Enjoy the week and hope you will have a wonderful time with teaching this whole year! I loved my days of teaching preschool with an integrated classroom, but my first years were in middle school. I never had to teach anyone how to read, thank goodness! It is a special job and I am sure you have a true gift for this, Marie! Smiles, Robin


  4. All the best with School will await you return! I am sure all your students will adore you! 🙂


  5. “Love the kids and don’t stress.” That’s a great motto for a teacher or parent! I hope you have your most joyous year yet as a teacher.


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