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Happiness of Being in the Moment – Throwback Thursday

me and joe

The reason I adore this photo is because it was such a genuine happiness picture.  My husband and I were truly “in the moment.”  The picture was not posed.  My friend took it when we weren’t looking.  We were at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, which I adore, and we were just happy to be with friends and eating delicious food and laughing like crazy.  They have the most awesome Green Show.  You have to see it sometime.

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P.S.  If you ever go to the festival, be sure to go to the Green Show with the Fool Squad, and brings something fun to eat for them so you can be part of the show.  Oh my, you’ll laugh forever!

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World Peace Lessons Learned from Watching Master Chef

My daughter and I watch Master Chef.  For me, it’s spending time with her, but it’s also fun to watch these hopeful chefs create something from nothing and how they face personal challenges and how they transform from the first to last episode.  In the latest episode, there were two chefs, Leslie and Ahran, who clearly didn’t like each other from working together on previous challenges, warring out loud on television.  AND, they got paired together for a cooking challenge.  Everyone hoped this would have a dramatic, chaotic, train wreck effect because these two were so different!  (age, gender, and very different cultural backgrounds)   Onlookers,  including the t.v. audience and fellow chefs, were wanting these heated rivals to fail, but I was secretly pining for them to find common ground, their love of cooking and creating.  

As the episode unfolded, it was the rival’s turn to have their dish tasted.  You could tell from their faces that they were proud of what they had created TOGETHER.  My wishes came true!  Each of the chefs  found value in what the other chef had to offer to this cooking creation and “brought it to the table” per say.   When the Master Chef’s tasted it, they were pleasantly surprised.

As I’ve been on this blogging journey the first time through art, and this second time through stories and poetry, I have come to realize the same common ground, our love for creating…leaving behind all our prejudices, whatever they may be…religion, gender, race, political backgrounds…to enjoy beauty, to create beauty, to inspire beauty.  If the people of our world focused more on how we are alike than different.  If we found ways to work together on a UNITED FRONT…If people are for us, who could be against us kind of concept…What are the possibilities?

Yes, I learned the possibility of World Peace from watching Master Chef….