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Poem – Only You

Only you

envelope me

and take me to

a heavenly place

Only you

fill my world

with a complete joy

that inspires my soul

Only you

treat me

with a tenderness

for my humanness

Only you can

take me away

from madness

to galaxies far away


With just one touch


Only you

accept me for

everything I am

wholly, deeply, truly

Only you

have my heart

for time

and all eternity.


~Namaste my love.



Happiness of Being in the Moment – Throwback Thursday

me and joe

The reason I adore this photo is because it was such a genuine happiness picture.  My husband and I were truly “in the moment.”  The picture was not posed.  My friend took it when we weren’t looking.  We were at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, which I adore, and we were just happy to be with friends and eating delicious food and laughing like crazy.  They have the most awesome Green Show.  You have to see it sometime.

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P.S.  If you ever go to the festival, be sure to go to the Green Show with the Fool Squad, and brings something fun to eat for them so you can be part of the show.  Oh my, you’ll laugh forever!


Throwback Tuesday – Romance – Inspired by a Fellow Blogger

A Fellow blogger, Kanzen Sakura, told a sweet romantic tale about her husband’s unconditional love, and it was so romantic and sweet, it inspired me to write about my man.

Joe came into my life when I was not looking for a man.  I wanted to just go out and enjoy life and all it had to offer.  I was in school and had two beautiful little girls.  My life was plenty busy enough.  Relationships were a challenge because there was so much going on. I was teaching a dance class and we all decided to meet for “dance club.” I had met with the dance club several times, informally enough.
club many times. We would just chat and talk about upcoming events and things we’d like to teach or attend. I had my head down when I hear an loud, echoing belly laugh so rich and so full that it caught my full attention. There, radiantly at the door with joy all around his countenance was Joe.

Immediately I was at attention. He was like a magnet and I was drawn to him. My heart leaped and said, “I want some of that.” Never before, nor since have I been so taken. Of course at this point, I’m trying to think of a way to talk to him and get to know him. I’m not really a scheming sort, but there had to be a way! Out of the blue came the sweetest thought. We need a telephone directory for our dance club! Also note, Marie has never called a boy! I was raised differently than it is today…but I just wanted to have some of this joy in my life.

Well, we made a date to see each other. But we both purposefully made it for an event that started at 3:00 p.m. That way if it didn’t work out, we could still go do our own thing. Needless to say, we talked for hours and hours. And here we are today. I think things worked out pretty well. Despite that he didn’t really want to date either. We both just knew joy when we saw it, and didn’t let it go.

I’m happy to report that 20 years later, we still have joy, and that beautiful man will stop anywhere, anytime and dance with me. And I enjoy every bit, whether it’s in a grocery aisle or a parking lot or our very own living room. I love that he still has that sparkle in his eye when he looks at me.

I am truly blessed. There are many more romantic stories to come.