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Texture Rich Restaurant – Tuesdays of Texture

Texture rich environment

Fills my curiosities



As you can see, there was texture from top to bottom…everywhere you looked.  Because the restaurant was so full, and we were with guests, i couldn’t get a few of the elaborate fish tanks and a few other wicked cool textures….but you get the idea!

What’s in your world?    Show me!

You can also see more when you hop on over to Narami for more delightful textures.

Have a GRAND week.



More cool Textures Winter Wonderland

Some more wicked cool wintry takes.
Sometimes snow is like frosting; it makes everything prettier!

(These were from last week.  This week is much warmer.)

If you have some textures you’d like to share, pop on over to see Narami – De Monte y Mar)


Tree in my yard – image – copyright of Marie Lukasik-Wallace 2016


holly bush in the neighborhood I hadn’t seen before it was graced with snow-image – copyright of Marie Lukasik-Wallace 2016


image – copyright of Marie Lukasik-Wallace 2016


Our local park – image – copyright of Marie Lukasik-Wallace 2016


winter grasses – image – copyright of Marie Lukasik-Wallace 2016



Winter Wonderland Tuesdays of Texture

Nature builds gorgeous textures!

Boise is so beautiful right now, but bitter cold!  (It’s been hovering around 0 degrees in the mornings, and warming up to almost 20 – a heat wave- in the afternoons)

I love this picture!  All white and beautiful layered textures.


Winter drapery.



Love the trees in the reflection…but the frost looks cool here too.


Reminds me of Chia pets…I could take pics of  how the frost grabs on to the grasses all day because each one comes out so uniquely.


Prickly, frosty fun!



Texture Tuesdays




Just having fun finding interesting things in the fall. My camera gravitates to the unusual. I delight in that. Who wants an ordinary pumpkin when you can have one with warts?
May you find joy in your day, week, and always.



For more texture fun, visit De Monte y Mar.  Cool stuff!

I think of you every week


Texture Tuesdays

I’ve been traveling across America, and I could hardly wait to get home and post for Texture Tuesdays with Narami.   I look forward to it every week, even if I don’t post. There are so many great things we see if we just pay attention and look closer, and there are a plethora of finds out there from State to State.  Posting along the way proved to be difficult with sparse to little internet.  KOA camps  try to have internet, but alas, their setup doesn’t always work but for maybe email.

The cool part is I should have enough pictures (over 5,000) to find something to meet the challenges for many Tuesdays to come!

Enjoy some of these pictures of landscape from Wyoming…truly one of the prettiest parts of the country from sunsets to wide open country, even the clouds are curiously shaped.   Have you ever seen anything so fluffy?  It looks like it came from a whipped cream can.   Have fun!

20150809_124119_resized 20150809_130855_resized - Copy 20150809_132522_resized 20150809_132622_resized 20150809_124345_resized


Wordless Wednesday Suddenly Became Wordy

Oh, my dearest friends…I had the most awesome retreat with great pictures to share with you for Wordless Wednesday, AND the best TEXTURE pictures I’ve ever seen for Texture Tuesdays.  But, Alas, I thought I was deleting only one picture from my Galaxy phone, and it turned out to be a folder of pictures.  I am devastated.  We tried all kinds of recovery…they’re gone. And I’m sad. BOWL OF TEXTURE – There was a bowl of texture…no one noticed but me…but since I look for great stuff for my buddy Narami, I really noticed.  Spheres with seeds glued to them and a hardened artichoke and little tiny spiky nature balls…I mean I’ve never seen so much texture in a bowl.

I’m not sure why Samsung allows that to happen so easily.  I click a box, and instead of ridding myself of one picture, it’s a folder of pictures…there should be a bigger warning…or it should look like a folder…or a button that says ARE YOU REALLY REALLY SURE?  So I have nothing to share with you my most beautiful friends…maybe tomorrow.

However, I must get super busy because my daughter is coming home in the evening and I need to finish my classroom….Go Go Go!  Cheer me on.  Hugs and a great HUMP day to you.  Love, Marie


Texture Tuesdays

texture tuesday - spider web debris

The camera didn’t quite capture the angle on this

but the pine needles had fallen into the spider web

and made a very cool pattern in the web.

T texture tuesday spider 2

I loved how the water beaded on this web.

texture tuesday water

The texture of the water as the kids are running

through this…Plus, isn’t it just a fun picture?

I must write a poem about this delight!

(downtown Boise)

texture tuesdays more water

The texture of the rocks in the bottom

of the pool and the water shooting up.

(It’s in Meridian at the Village.)

It seemed this week I have a lot of different water shots.  Boise is blessed with many little pools to observe and play in.  :0)    Those are my blessings for today.

And if you’d love more TEXTURE TUESDAY adventures, , be sure to pop on over and see what Narami and other TEXTURE COLLECTORS ARE FINDING!  (What a most beautiful world we are uncovering.)  


Texture Tuesdays – Cool Artwork (Wednesday)

20140729_203150_resized 20140729_203206_resized 20140729_203212_resized

My sister is an amazing texture artist.  I took this from a piece she gave me a couple of weeks ago.  She puts an incredible amount of hours (hundreds) into each piece.  Look how amazing the detail is!  I love FEELING texture…so sometimes I have to put the artwork somewhere I might not be apt to touch feely it all the time.  It took the picture from several angles so you could really see the depth of the texture.  You can click on each image to take a closer peak! I do not have this kind of diligence or patience.

It you’d like to see more of her artwork, it’s at http://www.ykacrylicartshop.com

And if you’d love more TEXTURE TUESDAY adventures, , be sure to pop on over and see what Narami and other TEXTURE COLLECTORS ARE FINDING!  (What a most beautiful world we are uncovering.)