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Friday Flowers

My family has been teasing me because I’ve had such an obsession with flowers in the last few months.  I stop everywhere to take pictures!  I like taking lots of different angles.  These are just a few of my favorites from this week. (The Iris was a late bloomer.)  There are so many more pics I will have to share next Friday.  They bring so much beauty into our lives!     (For you Amy Rose – fellow flower freak…hee hee)

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2014-05-24 17.20.01



To Live Poetry – this week

marigolds spider web dew drops

To Live Poetry


Colors of blue, purple, green

And colors in between

Cerulean, Magenta, Seafoam

orange flower bursts

jeweled drops

on spider webs


To taste

Sweet creaminess of icecream

Spicy salsa chili

Contrast them

on my tongue



Drumbeats that start from

My heart and radiate

To my fingertips

Lilting music of your poetry



The pointiness of grass

Grooves in newly carved wood

A lover’s lips

On mine



Delicate flowers

New babies

The fragrance

Of ones I love.


These are just a few

Ways I’ve lived

Poetry this week.





Texture Tuesdays FUN!

texture        texture on a metal framed mirrortexas

I LOVE texture!  I’m a curious girl who is a kinesthetic learner. I like to touch everything!!!…consequently I also like to make everything a musical instrument because I feel rhythm all over.

This week my daughter took me with her to a business conference.  While she worked, I got to check out the hotel.  There were some great textures!  The first one is of some posts that framed an entrance to a restaurant.  They were in the shape of a vase and made of wood…it was carved!  And the second was a mirror that was framed in metal.  Very cool mirror.

And the last one is something my dad made for me for my 25th birthday to remind me of all the people who loved me in Texas.

Explore your world in new ways.  What do you find?

Check out Narami’s blog out at:


for more Texture Tuesdays!


ENJOY!!! Marie


Wordless Wednesday – Because the Pictures say it All!

7-9-14 - wordless wednesday

Top 2 – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Bottom 2: Cascade Lake, Idaho