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We Need Poets! – “I BECOME” – Our latest Collaboration


I Become a Harmonious Rhyme with the world around and within through Quiet, Calm, Peaceful Moments:

























Typing words with my fingers on the keyboard of my laptop, I become Writer.

Making music with my fingers on the keyboard of my piano, I become Musician.

Darning my husband’s socks and preparing his supper, I become Wife.

Listening to my children and giving them advice, I become Mother.

Feeding my dog and taking her for a walk, I become Mistress.

Saying hello to the people next door and watching for strangers, I become Neighbor.

Being concerned for the poor and oppressed, I become Citizen of the World.

Doing all these things, I am simply just . . .  ME.


I live in a moment” live it well

engrossed, commited,pride to swell

I become what is to be expected

living this very moment, not regretted 

  I become a daughter to grow, to be pampered

 My in-laws know me as a home maker

I display my cookery skills for a sumptous dinner

Being a mother I donn all the hats possible

a nanny, friend, teacher and councellor,

at times hard task master but most of the times protector

 I am a sister to share, laugh till I roll down

 argue till I collapse, paint the town

    Time to move, I become ” Movers and Packers “

Living out of boxes, posted to exotic places

Hey ! I become traveller during vacations

A explorer reaching out to untouched locations

I am a Photographer seeking for perfection

 As soon as I enter the campus, an updated educator

a friend,guide, philospher to young custodians forever

I become a wife to greet my man in the evening

flashing million dollar smile ,fresh and glowing  

 Living this very moment totally enchanted

I scribble like a writer to bond with this world

I become a spirited soul when close to GOD


What actions do you do to become part of your world?

I wake up

I become reborn

I wake up my daughter

I become thankful

I see her off to school

I become wistful

I share a cup of tea

I become happy

I get ready for work

I become organised

I start work

i become me

I get back home

I become “she”

A wife ,a mother

I make dinner

I become a chef

I get dressed to go out

I become a lady

The phone rings

I become alert

I step back

I become a doctor

I get back tired but

I become elated

I look in the mirror

I become a stranger

I get to bed

I become a child

I sleep

I become me

I dream

I become free

Poets, we need you.   SJ has become our latest contributor with a picture prompt to start us off.   What great movement in the poem and showing of how she becomes each thing, earth, air, and yes, most importantly human.

(YOU CAN FOLLOW SJ ON TWITTER:  @for_hearts_sake – she doesn’t have a blog yet.   Her Twitter page is beautiful.)

What actions do you do to become part of your world?

I’m especially curious how you are human.

So here’s how to participate:.  Just as before, you can add your contribution in the comment section of this poem,  & I will place them in the order they come as soon as I possibly can. I will put your name (contributor)  at the end of the piece in the same color as your contribution and the names will be in the same order as well.   In a week, I will post the collaboration as a whole.  (But we can always keep adding on!)  Happy writing! ~ Marie

Other Contributors:  Morgan – Book n Volume, Cindy- Slices of Life, SoulnSpirit