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If You and I were Having Coffee continued


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If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you the story of why I became obsessed with sunflowers this summer.  I grew these ENORMOUS plants with strong stalks and deep roots from tiny seeds. The best part was when I left for my Trip Across America, they were not very big.  When I got home, they had gone over the roof of my solarium,  Honestly, I gasped out loud, and oh, what a reverence i held for their beauty.

Next, I would tell you, that every day since that day I have watched these beauties, I began seeing them as metaphors for life and began studying all their unique facets, not book knowledge, but detail knowledge.  Sunflowers caused me to pause and to look closer and to ponder.

Here’s one way you can live as a sunflower.  Sunflowers live LARGE and MAGNIFICENCE with no apology.  They are uniquely themselves in all their glory.  In a way, they are spiritual, always seeking their source, their energy, their vitality, the sun.  Even as they die, they die with grace and ever seeking the sun.

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that I feel so incredibly blessed for our friendship.  I know that you are the kind of friend that I could lose touch with for 30 years, and talk with you, and it would feel as if we had spoken yesterday.  I could tell you anything.  If I faltered and misspoke or made a mistake, you would know I was human and hold me in Divine love like the word “Namaste.”     And I KNOW you know I’d treat you the same.

If you and I were having coffee.  I would be fully present and devour every moment for I find you extremely amusing and truly cherish our friendship.  We could tell each other dreams of peace and a better world, and because our space became enlightened and sacred, the world began to shift.

If you and I were having coffee, it would be a most glorious day.

May you have a most blessed weekend my friends.   Here is a Throwback Thursday of a poem with Michael at Poetry Channel – If You and I were Having Coffee



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Author: writingwingsforyou

Words are powerful and hold the keys to bring healing, play and joy, making life extrordinary. Words can also shift the world into a better place. I am a writer; a storyteller and a relatioship coach; buidling better relationships from the inside out so we can have more joy, communication and love in our lives. Let's explore! Let's create! . ~ Love, Marie Lukasik Wallace

8 thoughts on “If You and I were Having Coffee continued

  1. I had painted 5 foot tall sunflowers in my laundry room in my nice house where I used to live. Sunflowers are so friendly snd pretty looking 🙂


  2. If you and I were having coffee, and you mentioned how prolific your sunflowers are, I would tell you how to sprout the seeds or grow them as microgreens. Either makes for a nutritionally dense food, read: a lot of nutrition in a small amount of food.
    I would tell you how they remind me of, “Stories from the Thousand and One Nights,” (www.bartleby.com/16) because they make me think of Sesame seeds. Sesame seeds make me think of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves because that was the password to get into their secret hideout. The doors would burst asunder magically when they commanded, “Open Sesame!”

    I would ask you if you know that they track the sun through the day when young and face the east when they mature, and ask you what metaphors you find in that. I would tell you that to my eye, all the older flowers appear to verge on seed eruptions. Sometimes I imagine them bursting to expel the seeds already shelled for me to harvest and enjoy. I would ask you if you didn’t think it would be great if corn popped on the stalk in this blistering heat. Then I would ask for a refill, light and sweet.

    Have a great Weekend!


  3. Oh my! I can see a very cool run on here. What delightful fun! (and a most enjoyable way to respond.)

    I had forgotten about the “Open sesame.” Too long since I enjoyed that adventure…will have to pick that book up again.

    Such elegant ponderings of sunflowers. I had noticed their sweet faces were always seeking the sun, but I didn’t know they tracked that way. Many many more metaphors are in my future. (poor readers…sunflowers adnauseam) But i adore them so much!

    Thanks for bringing a smile today…cheers to you and a wonderful weekend. (hear the cups clinking.) – Coffee and Sunflowers…sounds like more writing in my future. GLORIOUS days and glorious writing to you!


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  5. Coffee with you would be lovely… Guess I’ll have to settle for virtual 😉


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