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My Lovelies Sunflowers and Daisies


photo by Marie Lukasik Wallace  – all rights reserved 2016daisies

Daisies photo by Marie Lukasik Wallace – All rights reserved 2016

My Lovelies
Sunflowers and Daisies

By Marie Lukasik Wallace

Heart centered lovelies
Lovely arms flung open wide
Open to give to their tippy tips
Open to receive deeply
Being and flinging

Ahhh…we have so much to learn from these lovelies.

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One Word – Gratitude

Every year I choose one word to guide me throughout the year.  It’s easier to remember one word than a slew of resolutions that I will probably break.  With age, comes wisdom.   Don’t get me wrong, I still set goals in each of the categories, family, career, health, etc., but the one word gives me a more centralized focus.  I’m more apt to make my goals if I am specific, clear and realistic.  I like moving forward; and this provides the perfect opportunity for me.

My word this year is GRATITUDE.  I have been given so much.  I must never forget that I have been blessed beyond measure, and that when something doesn’t go well, it’s a minor bump.

In my classroom, we have two days a week where we pick a word to focus on for the day.  What’s nice about this is that it does keep goals clear for the kids.  They are only 7, but they can remember words like respect and responsible and caring and outstanding.  What if everything I did in my day was OUTSTANDING?  Can you imagine the day you would have?

I passed by a quote the other day, I wish I would have written it down or gotten the author’s name, but it was something like this:   Live as if everything is rigged in your favor.  How positive is that?

And now, if every day is lived in pure Gratitude, anything new that I receive will be like frosting, right?

Happy New Year my dear friends, and may your day be filled with much joy and exciting adventures!




Gratitude and Peace and Newfound things

Today when I was walking in my house I went to pick up a piece of plastic that didn’t make it into the recycling.  I don’t know what it was the packaging for, but it had a piece of paper advertising stuck in it that said: 

found art - celebrate today


And then my dear blogging friend Rhonda, had this special music that brought me such peace.  It deserves to be my meditation for awhile.  His name is   David Nevue.        Click HERE.  (The imagery is beautiful too.

And lastly, complete strangers with compassionate caring hearts dove in and shared their words, their encouragement and collective wisdom, and it was absolutely beautiful.

I am truly blessed on this first day of August.  Thanks for making the world a better place…and thanks for being you! 

~Nemaste, Marie

found art - celebrate today


Fantastic Fridays ~ Days of Gratitude

My week has been blessed with family and friends.  Right now I am getting to spend time with my dear Kelci in Seattle to do the Rock and Roll.  I used to run a lot more, and I loved the freeing feeling running gave to me.  And when I finished, especially a half marathon, I was on a runner’s high remembering how it felt to overcome pain and steep hills and sometimes short of breath.  I would push through and come out victorious!  One day I got lost in the rain on a run because course had gotten washed away and I had lost the pack.  My form was gone, and I had trashed my knees.  Needless to say, I had caused some great damage and can’t run like I used to.  However, the reminiscing makes me thankful for ever getting a chance to feel the sweetness and the freedom of the run. 

But what I am most grateful for today is the opportunity to be out with my sweet Kelci and enjoying the day of walking and talking and hearing bands and seeing my cousins and friends be in their glorious moments and I will relish it and hold it in all its glory.  Tomorrow is the big day, and I’m looking forward to it.


And besides, it’s FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!!