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Fantastic Fridays ~ Days of Gratitude

My week has been blessed with family and friends.  Right now I am getting to spend time with my dear Kelci in Seattle to do the Rock and Roll.  I used to run a lot more, and I loved the freeing feeling running gave to me.  And when I finished, especially a half marathon, I was on a runner’s high remembering how it felt to overcome pain and steep hills and sometimes short of breath.  I would push through and come out victorious!  One day I got lost in the rain on a run because course had gotten washed away and I had lost the pack.  My form was gone, and I had trashed my knees.  Needless to say, I had caused some great damage and can’t run like I used to.  However, the reminiscing makes me thankful for ever getting a chance to feel the sweetness and the freedom of the run. 

But what I am most grateful for today is the opportunity to be out with my sweet Kelci and enjoying the day of walking and talking and hearing bands and seeing my cousins and friends be in their glorious moments and I will relish it and hold it in all its glory.  Tomorrow is the big day, and I’m looking forward to it.


And besides, it’s FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!!