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Throwback Thursday – Memoir -The COAST GUARD 1957


 You’re gonna love this!  It’s from the Coast Guard 1957.  The artist drew it for my dad on his bootcamp issued towel.   Dad recently gave this to me.  It’s been in his bedroom, and I’ve seen glimpses of it…but until this year, he’s never let me in his room.  (Again, part of the vault opening up.)

Here’s what I love about it.  It’s got history!  There is so much history on this one towel!

I’ve been interviewing my daddy trying to get to know him better.  It’s only been the last three years that he’s opened the vault for me to peek in.  When I would ask him about the Coast Guard, sometimes he couldn’t remember specifics like dates and or places he went, and sometimes the names of the people he was with.

The good news is that when he gave me the towel, he gave me history…It says when and where he was in the Coast Guard, and his name and company name.  At the bottom, it’s signed by the artist…the very same name as my brother!

Dad vaguely remembered the guy and said he did a couple of tours with him…but he couldn’t give me details.  I understand…it was only 60 years ago!

The other cool part was that my daughter is in the Coast Guard too, and they still train in Cape May.  And the artist was just messing around.

Moral of the story:  Keep writing and keep drawing and keep taking pictures.  There’s someone who will love that history one day. LEAVE A LEGACY. 


I got brave today and read my dad, Ernest, two chapters of his biography.  You say, “How is that brave?”

And I would say, “Have you ever tried to measure up to your parents?” Not to mention measuring up OUT LOUD to the world?   It’s scary!  It’s not so much about the writing as to making sure I’m telling HIS story, encompassing details and events, with limited knowledge (because he just started telling me about his life), and weaving in interpreted feelings that he rarely talks about….so it’s not easy.   Ernest is a “vaulted” man, who is becoming a little less vaulted, but I think sometimes emotion is still a trigger that scares him…

I took a deep breath and read it through out loud with voice and how I heard that voice in my had through my telephone conversations with him. 

My own mind tortured me as I was reading. What do you think you’re doing? With your limited writing skills, what qualifies you to write a book, let alone your dad’s life’s book? What if you don’t capture what he’s truly feeling? What if you get the facts wrong or say something that’s not true.”

And then, I thought back to my call to my beautiful writing friend who knows how fragile this journey is for me…She assured me that what I was doing was healing for both my dad and me. And as I talked to her I realized that the writing wasn’t as important as this beautiful journey of discovery that I was on with my dad. Slow down Marie, and enjoy the journey.

I finished reading the last of the chapter and held my breath. I desperately wanted him to like it…no, love it.

There was a pause and then he said, “Well, I don’t know how you did it, but you captured exactly what I was feeling.” I let my breath out and sighed a sigh of pure relief. And then, I felt a smile slip across my face. He assured me that he would assist me with parts that may not be accurate as far as information. He was grateful for the work I did. He didn’t say he was proud, but I knew he was happy. And that, my friends, was enough for me.

Ernest and I…Me and my daddy..are speaking a new language. We are learning new things about each other, finding common ground. Oh daddy, I do love you so, dark skeletons and all. Thank YOU for being brave. Because you were brave, then I could be brave.