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I LOVE Life…I LIVE life…I WRITE life


So, my husband says, “You are a right brained person.  Why do you try to confine yourself in a left brain world?  You have varied interests.  Blog about them all!”  “But,” I implore, “my readers will be confused.”  And then gently he reminds me, ” The blog is for you, “

So…I love Writing as Healing..and I love poetry as well as any other kind of writing…and I love family and savory food and art and photography and little things that fancy me,  I LOVE life…I LIVE life…I WRITE life….and so it is.

In honor  of loving writing challenges, I shall take this one from NaPoWriMO,


A Loving Human World,
 There are marks everywhere

I’m formed by some love streaks on paper

He lives on this paper,

a GRAND image

Standing on fields of green and flowers

light and beauty abounds all around

even in shadowy corners

I see myself in strange footage

Seeing everything in its truest form

I can sense he’ll approach with his encouraging arms

And embrace all that I am

even the ugly parts

aligned with pieces of love charms.

This love envelopes me, 

protects me

opens me more.

My world is a bunch of stray love marks

Drawn onto this paper

revealing me in all my accepted humanness. 



Author: writingwingsforyou

Words are powerful and hold the keys to bring healing, play and joy, making life extrordinary. Words can also shift the world into a better place. I am a writer; a storyteller and a relatioship coach; buidling better relationships from the inside out so we can have more joy, communication and love in our lives. Let's explore! Let's create! . ~ Love, Marie Lukasik Wallace

4 thoughts on “I LOVE Life…I LIVE life…I WRITE life

  1. So the formatting went weird on the poem. Hopefully it didn’t go bad in your post!


  2. You’re husband is right. This blog IS you’re blog and if others read and enjoy it then that’s great but ultimately, it belongs to you.
    I’ll look forward to reading more soon.
    🙂 xx


  3. “accepted humanness’ is such a beautiful way of expressing that need to be taken as we are. Very well done.


  4. Much thanks to you. I am blessed…so I write blessed.


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