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I LOVE Life…I LIVE life…I WRITE life

So, my husband says, “You are a right brained person.  Why do you try to confine yourself in a left brain world?  You have varied interests.  Blog about them all!”  “But,” I implore, “my readers will be confused.”  And then gently he reminds me, ” The blog is for you, “

So…I love Writing as Healing..and I love poetry as well as any other kind of writing…and I love family and savory food and art and photography and little things that fancy me,  I LOVE life…I LIVE life…I WRITE life….and so it is.

In honor  of loving writing challenges, I shall take this one from NaPoWriMO,


A Loving Human World,
 There are marks everywhere

I’m formed by some love streaks on paper

He lives on this paper,

a GRAND image

Standing on fields of green and flowers

light and beauty abounds all around

even in shadowy corners

I see myself in strange footage

Seeing everything in its truest form

I can sense he’ll approach with his encouraging arms

And embrace all that I am

even the ugly parts

aligned with pieces of love charms.

This love envelopes me, 

protects me

opens me more.

My world is a bunch of stray love marks

Drawn onto this paper

revealing me in all my accepted humanness.