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New Poetry Collaboration – SOULMATES -Join in!


A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we’re pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we’re safe in our own paradise.
~Richard Bach (Bridge Across Forever)

Even the word soulmates inspires magical thinking.  Search your soul.  How does that other person touch your spirit, inspire you, make you want to be more than you ever thought you could be?

Our last collaboration was a HUGE success!   See it HERE.  There is no wrong way.  As a matter of fact, YOUR style is encouraged and brings interest and new ways of thinking.  Besides, they’re fun to write and challenge us to stretch our spirits.

So here’s how to participate:.  Just as before, you can add your contribution in the comment section of this poem,  & I will place them in the order they come. I will put your name (contributor)  at the end of the piece in the same color as your contribution and the names will be in the same order as well.   In a week, I will post the collaboration as a whole.  (But we can always keep adding on!)  Happy writing!

ROBIN – is starting us off!

The Elusive Bird of Paradise

Do you know someone
Oh, make sure he/she is not aloof.

The bird may be shy,
inside and out.
Finding himself,
Discovering herself.

Worth waiting for such a rare bird.

Keep as a friend,

The bird may find
his or her wings,
spread her love,
give his adoration


I write with hot toes
what the wind worried into sand
words once hid by rocks

startled to reappear
air plays in long forgotten sound
feathered with kind eyes

feet know compassion
teach in freedom understand
their own way speak life

and I listen with heart
time unbends with each shored wave
warm smiles like flowers

uncurl ears unafraid
touched by sun that never burns
but forever lives

like a love that tracks
through shadows to find its mate
never giving up

infinite of reach
to each whispered ululate
unbound this peace

we step through to find
blessed this gift awake in time
life become soul mate

Only you . . .

Know the deepest recesses of my heart,

The secrets that I keep,

Or the thoughts that I think.

* * *

Only you . . .

Can cause my breath to catch,

With a single word,

Or the briefest glance.

* * * 

Only you . . .

Make me feel safe in the dark of the night,

When the storm rages,

Or when trouble is at hand.

* * * 

Only you . . .

Bring out the best in me,

Even when I’m at my worst,

I strive to be better.

* * * 

Only you . . .

Encourage me to pursue my dreams,

To be the person I want to be,

The person that you love.

* * * 

Only you . . .

Love me no matter what my faults are,

In good times and in bad times,

In sickness and in health.

* * * 

If it is true that everyone has one soul mate,

One person who is their perfect match,

Then I am certain that I have found mine . . .

* * *

Only YOU.

Thou swept me off my feet ! Haven’t thou?

I found my soulmate in thee, Aren’t thou?

“Ay love ! ” Floored I was with thy charm, smitten by sheer simplicity,
Thou took my breath away, respected my inhibitions and individuality;
Winged cupid played his part well, musical notes evolved into symphony,
“Ay me!” my soul and spirit mingled with thine in perfect harmony;

We met, we spoke, we doth lied while exchanging notes,
we tied the nuptial knot, made promises,took eternal vows;
we lived, we moved, I suggested,thou accepted, painted rainbows,
Showered faith and trust, kept a tight leash on fears and sorrows;

Together we nurtured a dream, holding hands never to part,
Together we faced struggles, failures,triumphs,got up again to restart;
Together we weaved carefully the fabric of emotions and learnt the art;
Together we sailed, grew as inseparables, were “soul mates”, never depart;

Memories so sweet, happiness unleashed, joy no dearth,
Our home is an abode of peace, Ah ! Heaven itself on earth;
O, my soulmate, hold my hand in journey between life and death,
Can’t live without thee, thou need to be there till my parting breath,

Lover’s soul never sinks ! Don’t thou know?
Lover’s soul loves pure spirit ! Isn’t so ?

CONTRIBUTORS:   Robin- Witless Dating After Fifty,  Wren- Written on Pavements, Cindy – Slices of Slice, Soulnspirit