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My Lovelies Sunflowers and Daisies


photo by Marie Lukasik Wallace  – all rights reserved 2016daisies

Daisies photo by Marie Lukasik Wallace – All rights reserved 2016

My Lovelies
Sunflowers and Daisies

By Marie Lukasik Wallace

Heart centered lovelies
Lovely arms flung open wide
Open to give to their tippy tips
Open to receive deeply
Being and flinging

Ahhh…we have so much to learn from these lovelies.

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Watch “Mix – WHO I’M VOTING FOR…” on YouTube

They’re is so much truth here.  I hope you will watch it.  Love will always be the answer. 

Mix – WHO I’M VOTING FOR…: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE27SgMEXHo&list=RDYE27SgMEXHo

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This is a poet’s perfect truth .
Words matter and we know it.
Thank you Shawn.

Shawn L. Bird

Here we are

embracing our passion for words

learning from craftsmen

risking ourselves on the page

and handing the paper for critique.

Here we are

together for celebration of what we are

who we are


powerless to resist the compulsion

powerful enough to create worlds.

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Rockabye – Poets for Peace

Michael from The Poetry Channel challenged me to record one of my poems this week as a way to share my message.  It’s been quite the challenge, but I welcome that!

And while it’s not quite where I want to be yet…(I’m rough around the edges)  With slowing down and practice, it might not be too bad.

This is a recording for my new grandbaby arriving next Springish.  It came to me in a dream when I was contemplating the state of things in the world and worried for his/her safety and well being.   And though it’s dark in the beginning, it’s hopeful in the end.

Thank you!




The Pain is Mine

The Poetry Channel

​I thought it was your tear
running down my nose.
I thought those were
your eyes that closed.
Your lungs that held
suspended breath.
Your arms left empty
and bereft.
Your throat that
could not swallow,
your mouth run dry.
Your hands that shook,
the aching sigh.
I thought it was
your heart that ceased,
no longer thrummed
its familiar beat.
I thought those were
your leaden feet
that stood beneath
those weakened knees
your soul that begged
please, please, please.
But then,
I realized,
in time,
the shock,
the grief,
the pain,
is mine.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved

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