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I KID YOU NOT! It’s all about a Pencil

Magic Wand

Lead Soaring through the air

Making drawings and words appear

Erases bad things

Imagination blooms

Living things

New creations

Different world

Different you.


No pun intended “kid you not.”  My first graders were stuck, and I felt like they just weren’t getting this poetry thing.  Every once in awhile they’d come up with a poetic phrase.  (I’ve heard them say thousands of poetic things throughout the year.)  Now, when it really matters, they were stuck!  See?  It happens to ALL of us!   So, I said you can write about ANYTHING!  I grabbed a pencil and said, “Tell me about this pencil, first scientifically (so we could get that out of the way).  Now, my dear poets, let’s go deeper!”  And the magic began.  We NEED each other.  We deserve each other along this writing journey.  Sometimes writing is hard.  But with each other, writing can be magical…create “living things,” a “different world, a different you.”  I learned this from looking through first grade eyes.

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When Writing isn’t Easy – Found Poems and Collaborative Poems

Because I do Poetry Therapy and because I teach writing to a variety of age groups, I know how real and scary this WRITING BEAST can be.  I know the reluctance of some of my writers to fill the page or the reluctance to even approach the page, even if they might enjoy writing.  So, I pull out my tips and tricks bag..

One thing I do before each genre in my classroom is model, model, model.  Do you know that students go through most of their school career without seeing an adult write?  And yet, they are suppose to perform so many different forms of writing.  If they’re a good researcher, then they get lucky.

In Poetry Therapy, we use poetry as an avenue to learn and discover things about ourselves and our world as we write.  We also get to try out various different poetic styles.  For me, this is just delightful!

Challenge:  In Poetry Therapy, I use a poem by e.e. cummings, “Love is a Place,” (I call it Yes is a World.)  If you could say yes to anything, big or small, what would it be?  Start small like your favorite things.  I say “Yes to icecream or reading a book wrapped in a blanket.”  or you can go deeper like, I say, “Yes to loving my family fiercely.”  or

Challenge:  Cut out one of the strongest lines from about 7-10 of your favorite poems.   Play with them and arrange them until you find how they flow together for you.  Enjoy the journey!

Alternate challenge:  You could also do this with your favorite blogs/bloggers.  (If you publish, ask their permission.)


Tomorrow, I will do a post through young poets’ eyes. You will be amazed how our adult eyes have been veiled by so many things that are pure and beautiful.