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Boise SHEROES United-One Billion Rising

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Around Valentine’s day, all over the world, people danced for justice, building awareness of the  rise of violence of women.  One in three women will be beaten or raped in her lifetime, equaling ONE BILLION women in the world.

According to the Huffington Post:

 4,774,000 women experience violence from an intimate partner                   every year

   10,000, 000 children are exposed to violence every year (too many)

Dancing is a non-violent protest. It was an honor to be with these women, collaborating groups and dancing together, encouraging each other to speak our truths.

          This day we danced for Joy and for the beauty of life.

          This day we danced for JUSTICE.

           This day we danced to HAVE OUR VOICES HEARD,                                                                 some for the first time.

           This day we danced even for women we didn’t know because we had              WITNESSED  INJUSTICE & WANTED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT  IT.

It was the first time we  came together as part of SHEROES United, originating out of Utah, now staring a chapter here in Boise.  Also, the beautiful  Boise Braveheart Women came to dance with us.  Sisterhood is a blessed thing.

Won’t you join us.  Won’t you rise?

Let’s build a WORLD OF PEACE.




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Did you know that  one in three women will be beaten or raped in her lifetime, equaling One Billion in the world.  A brave woman, Eve Ensler, started a movement called One Billion Rising.  In Boise, Idaho, we are rising tomorrow, FEB. 13, at noon on the Capitol steps.  I’ll post pictures Sunday.

This video is graphic, but it explains the “why” we are rising.







This video shows women rising up and using their voices.  If you go to OneBillionRising.org, you can see rising all over the world.