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Farewell, little angel

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How tragic this scene. I’m reblogging this to bring awareness and to send this family love and peace they will need to cope with such a tragic loss.

Life Less Fiction

Family means the world to me, and there is nothing I want more.

Right now it’s important to hug your kids, nieces, nephews, friends and grandkids a little tighter.  Just like every time a tragedy occurs, the community (and beyond) feel closer to the people they love.

There are no words to explain the feelings that the family of Taliyah Marsman must be feeling right now.  The death of her mother Sara is horrible, but the death of an innocent 5 year old is impossible to comprehend.

How does one even become the type of monster who can rip the life from a child?

Taliyah Source: Calgary Police Service

I sit here, completely removed from the situation, aside from living in the city where this child and her mother were murdered.  I’m having trouble getting into sleep mode.  Not because I’m directly affected by this, but because I’m disturbed that this child suffered.  Angry that…

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#I LIVE POETRY and all things creative. I LOVE words. They hold so much power to bring joy and healing and play into an otherwise ordinary life. Words can also shift the world into a better place. Let's explore! Let's create! Let's heal... ~ Love, Marie Lukasik Wallace

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