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Marie Lukasik Wallace ~ # I LIVE Poetry – I'm passionate about life and writing and all things creative and poetic!

Poetry -Newfound Freedom – Fiery Verse

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Newfound Freedom

She’ll explore

This new world of


What to do first?




She wanted it all


prompt from #fieryverse – Fiery verse is on Twitter with daily prompts.  What I like about this is it challenges me to write a story poem with limited characters!  Some would say that’s torture, but I find it fun!

Author: writingwingsforyou

#I LIVE POETRY and all things creative. I LOVE words. They hold so much power to bring joy and healing and play into an otherwise ordinary life. Words can also shift the world into a better place. Let's explore! Let's create! Let's heal... ~ Love, Marie Lukasik Wallace

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