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Respectful Advice Needed – What to Do for an Elusive Muse


So, my writing friends.  I’m sure you’ve been in this situation before, so I will explain my dilemma, and you tell me what works for you.  Okay?    Over the summer, I fell in love with blogging and found more content than I could possibly get on a blog.  My heart was on a high, my creativity flourished, my writing world was filled with wonder.  And then…reality hit and I had to go back to school.  I became absorbed in that world because that’s what my students deserved.  However, any writer/artist knows, that when your world is filled with something else, especially work, the muse becomes elusive….creativity sometimes is dried up.

My New Year’s goal was just get bottom in seat.  Because at least when I got my bottom in the seat something would happen.   But hmmm…not so good.  I feel like one of those capsules my little first graders get that are holding a mystery shrunken creature just waiting for some great water to pour on top and reveal what I am.

You can be my water!

YOUR TURN:  When you find yourself stuck, what do you write about?   How do you get your creative juices flowing?  Do you go to a book and answer random questions?   Do you start random challenges?

coffee cup


What’s your formula?  I’m all ears.

Happy Sunday my friends.  Marie


Author: writingwingsforyou

Words are powerful and hold the keys to bring healing, play and joy, making life extrordinary. Words can also shift the world into a better place. I am a writer; a storyteller and a relatioship coach; buidling better relationships from the inside out so we can have more joy, communication and love in our lives. Let's explore! Let's create! . ~ Love, Marie Lukasik Wallace

14 thoughts on “Respectful Advice Needed – What to Do for an Elusive Muse

  1. I find a quote that I like and I build on it. Sometimes I imagine that my reader is right next to me and we are just talking…I hope this helps!


  2. If you and I were having a cup of coffee, I’d have you put your jacket on and you and I would take a walk outside. First we’d watch the birds on the feeder and the ground feeders gathered under their sheltering bush pecking away, then look up at the sky in all directions for a few moments at the clouds and the brilliant winter blue sky. We wouldn’t say much but then we’d talk about your school work and time constraints. My advice to you would be to put aside an hour a week for your blogging. Many times, I get an idea in my head and mull over it, in my head before ever writing. When I have mental down time, times I don’t have to think about something else, I think about my blog, my haiku, my opinions. What feelings did I get looking up at the sky? What did I think about during a rainy afternoon? What did I notice about how people behaved in the lunchroom? what were they talking about? I joined a online WordPress poetry group because I enjoy that. They give out a weekly prompt. I think about it. If I want to, I write. If not, I don’t. I think sometimes we think we have to post daily or weekly. that it is a requirement. I blogger who has been doing this for several years and whom I deeply respect and enjoy, wrote a short piece about how she is taking time off until March from blogging. She said she had just kept coming up with ideas, her brain was tired. Stress at home, work, sick kids, sick dog…..she’d be back March 1 after a vacation from blogging. Sometimes, you have to do that. Just step back. Get outside of your blogging. Get back into the world, yourself, your friends….I’ve done it as well. It was a nice vacation. I found myself, after a couple of weeks thinking, wow, I could have blogged about that but I’m on vacation!!!! This would make a great short blog! What a wonderful photo this is! And when I went back after my enforced vacation, I was tripping over myself. That same blue sky looked different. The same old same old conversations around me had a different tone to them. Taking a long time to say this but, relax. Don’t force it. If you don’t blog for a couple weeks, people don’t forget you. You haven’t betrayed your muse. Be easy on yourself. And maybe, that’s a subject for a blog or poem or photo….Take care! You do a good job. Be as good to you as you would be to one of your friends.


    • I felt like I was having coffee with you and walking with you. Your advice is well thought out, warm and comforting. I remember when I first started blogging that your blog was one of the first I felt in love with because it felt like you were having conversations with us and teaching us how to cook and about your culture. I actually remember thinking how I wanted my blog to be like yours because I could relate…and here you are giving me the perfect advice my friend. And I thank you. I felt I took a lot of time off to be with my family in December and early January. I didn’t even post for New Years or about all the great things our family did. I think when I’m back in full work mode, writing sometimes does seem forced because I’m not allowed to sit and be with things. And as you said, the tone and the feel of things feels different when I actually sit in front of the computer. Yes, I’ve been afraid that the beautiful network of people who supported me would be dried up and gone…But if I really believe in the muse, then the perfect words come at the perfect time for the perfect person. It is not mine to worry about. It is a gift I am being entrusted with. Thanks for taking the time to have coffee with me this morning and tell me things from your point of view. About eight to ten years ago, I blogged quite often…and took off quite a few years to raise teens. Writing will probably always be in my blood, nor will it ever truly go away. I look forward to continue reading and writing with you in the future. Thank you ever so much. Namaste, Marie


      • You have no idea how much your words have meant to me. I had to sit and have a good cry, but smiling too. I found, when I took time off to deal with my mother’s illness and let folks know would be away for awhile, I was astounded and amazed at all the kind words. It truly strengthened me and lightened my heart so! When came back, they were glad to see me and when I said I would do my best to catch up with comments and reading blogs, the support was so overwhelming…don’t worry about it, do what you can, glad you are back, you were missed….such kindness. so much so that it caused me to write of kindness of un-strangers and friends who became family. I think you will find that same support and kindness if you let folks know you need to take some time off but that you will be back. Do what you need to do for you. Take care of you. and again, I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear what you said. I am humbled and amazed, yet again. Such a gift blogging has been to me. I have received so much more than I could ever give. The perfect words have been given to you and those are words of healing to me. Your muse will always be with you and your words will fly. Again, thank you more than you can ever know. Blessings.


      • Yes, yes, yes to all that you’ve said. I have been so blessed through blogging with unconditional love and kindness…and yes, to friends becoming a family.
        You have given me a gift here with your words, and I will hold them dear. Thank you for blessing me today. Have a good week.


  3. First of all, know you’re very missed in the blogoverse! Your passion and compassion jump right off the computer as I’m reading your posts. A tip I got–and use–from one of Natalie Goldberg’s books is to write “I remember…” at the top of the page and without thinking what you’re going to write about just begin writing for 10 minutes. If you get stuck and can’t think of anything to write simply write “I remember” over and over until something else comes to you. Just keep the pen moving on the page. She also recommends using pen and paper for this exercise and when I started doing it I can see why. It helps to clear the block and get things moving from head to finger tips.
    Take care Marie. 🙂


    • Hello Rhonda. Thank you for your kind words. I miss my blogoverse. It’s a beautiful world to escape in. I appreciate being missed, especially by such a passionate, busy writer like yourself. I LOVE Natalie Goldberg! I just received another copy of her book for Christmas…Her exercises are the perfect way to lead me back. Thanks for reminding me. There are no accidents.

      Do you want to know something interesting? Two or three days before my dad’s stroke, I did an “I remember” exercise with my dad…and I thought how cool it was in generating ideas for my dad. I wasn’t able to use it again with him…but it’s a perfect plan for me. You rock Rhonda! I’ll be back soon. You are appreciated. ~Namaste, Marie


  4. Hi Marie, I have discovered my passion for writing, photography, poems, and art journal recently, if I could I’d spend all the time creating, but I have to work full day and take care of the house, kids….., so what I do, in the weekends I woke up early, and work on same pages, writing, and in the afternoon, like now, I organize my photos, blogging…., the important is: don’t give up! Have a great week!


    • Thank you Elizabeth. I’ve been getting up early because that was when I had the most time available…but I wouldn’t know what to write about and waste time checking emails and doing small tasks…then I’d head to work, thinking maybe the afternoons would be better…then I realized how tired I was from expending all my emotional energy and have nothing left. Maybe if I do my art journal some in the afternoon and just play…something will come from that….at the very least, I could write about my process, right? I appreciate your advice and the cheerleading! Have a GRAND week yourself. I’ll get on it Elizabeth. :0)

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  5. I hope you and your Dad are doing well my friend


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